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Advertising Effectiveness

By means of vacuum forming of foils - that are litho or screen printed prior to that process - we create and produce advertising materials that are surprisingly natural in its relief format and exude fascinating charisma. The forms or moulds used to achieve these surprising results are extremely detailed and accurate to the nearest millimeter.

Particularly in times when customers are exposed to increasing amounts of advertising messages our relief displays, as opposed to conventional card displays, manage to capture the attention of the customers, create emotion and deliver information in a more tactile way.

Eyes and hands, sight and touch, reach the heart of your customers

Many customers confirm our own observation that relief displays in comparison to 2-D POS items are typically better placed in store and are used for longer periods. Therefore they achieve more and have more impact and this positive effect outweighs the increased cost. In the end the investment in relief displays is always worthwhile.

There are no general rules for the design or layout of relief displays. Particularly suitable are images with good contrast and clear outlines. In addition it is important to concentrate on the key elements and focus the vacuum forming on this whilst leaving the background flat. Copy and logos should be positioned in some distance from the vacuum formed elements. However these are very rough guide rules and every case would need to be considered individually.

We offer you our expertise and will advise you on the layout of the artwork to ensure optimum results.


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