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Talking about “relief display”, many insiders all over the world think first of Italy or even Florence, and indeed the cradle of this fine art of vacuum forming is located next to the river Arno.

There, already in the 1950s the ISTITUTO GEOGRAFICO MILITARE began with the production of vacuum formed maps – at that time mostly for military purposes, of course.

Around 1954 -1955 the Florentine company NOVA RICO was founded. With the know-how of some poached mould makers from the Istituto Geografico Militare the company not only restricted themselves to the vacuum forming of maps, but also started producing globes, masks, anatomical teaching materials and other applications using this unique technique.

In the late 60s some technicians separated from NOVA RICO. After receiving funding by an able financial supporter, they opened a new company called PLASTICOLOR in San Donnino on the outskirts of Florence.

Instead of producing topographical maps and globes however, they specialized on the production of 3D display posters and advertising applications of vacuum forming.

Already 1970 – 1971 the ambitious founders of the company had a strike of genius with their arty collection of posters. In particular the famous theme of the “Tennis Shoes” soon became the "Must-Have-Poster" of the 70s and was sold a hundred thousand fold around the world.

With these tennis shoes also started the history of RELIEF DISPLAY, a company founded by the Cologne advertising merchant Klaus Dommermühl in 1973. An exclusive agreement provided the basis for the distribution within the German speaking markets of Europe. Soon the company name became the synonym for the product. The clear and easy expression “relief display” replaced the old words of “vacuum forming” or “thermoplastic posters”.

33 years ago those famous tennis shoes started running in Germany. The very first company launching their advertising campaign with an oval shaped relief display poster for movie theaters was no other than LANGNESE. It was soon followed by BOSCH, TRIUMPH, MAGGI and HENNINGER.

Today the customer portfolio of RELIEF DISPLAY contains all major brands of the European market and every month there are a few more, who (re)discover the potential and advantages which lie in this unique kind of advertising material, especially for POS, en vogues promotions and direct marketing.

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