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'Il rilievo è un'arte' - the relief is a work of art. By this conviction of our Florentine mould makers - all blessed with high sculptural talents - we have been inspired to create a changing connection between classic art and the art of vacuum forming. We hope the linking of these two terms are not too daring, but please decide yourselves.... 




Italian forms and design -

always a class of its own!

North of the Alps the Roman-Italian culture, art and architecture is nowhere more present and timeless than in Cologne. The ‘Colonia Ara Agrippinensum’ was founded 38 BC by the Romans and is a sign of their 400 year era that can still be admired within the city of Cologne – for example through the famous mosaic of Dionysos in the Romano-Germanic Museum directly next to the Cologne Cathedral.


But the cultural link from North to South is still evident today – as the cosmopolitan flagship store of Peek & Cloppenburg in Colgone designed by Renzo Piano proves. An architectural masterpiece in the shape of a glass whale that in its splendor only an Italian could create.

In the same way Relief Display which was founded in 1973 in Cologne owes its good reputation predominantly to the perfection of Italian forms. These however are for more mundane purposes, namely advertising, but are also produced by our partner in Florence through the skills of classically trained sculptors. The relief displays that have been created using these forms or tools are characterized by a natural plasticity and strong advertising impact which is appreciated by many well known Fashion Houses such as DOLCE & GABBANA, G-STAR, WOLFORD, ENERGIE – all brands which you are likely to find in this ‘glass whale’ store of Peek & Cloppenburg.

If you find your key-visual or your seasonal decoration may benefit from an attractive form, please talk to us. And should you once be in ‘Colonia’ we would be delighted to welcome you in our offices. You will find us in the ‘Via Cesaris 58’!

Currently in Cologne!In Cologne and other places!

Duplication of events: Whilst a pink adaptation of Michelangelo’s famous statue of David is

rising into the sky outside Cologne’s Cathedral - only about 100m away - a more contemporary relief, that was also created by an artist from Florence, Andrea Stefanini, Sculptor and Chief Mould Builder of our partner factory in Florence, can be admired in the window of a big book store at the Roncalliplatz .

The pink David is part of an exhibition called 'Das achte Feld', which will be on exhibit at the Ludwig Museum in Cologne until the 12th November. You can find more information about that on their website at

The Relief Display in A1 format has been commissioned by the publisher “Friedrich Oetinger Verlag” in Hamburg. This poster is currently advertising successfully for the new Children’s Book “ Peter und die Sternenfänger” in Cologne and all over Germany.

The high level of perfection of the print and the relief together with its overall 3-dimensional appearance were very convincing arguments for the publisher to become a new and very satisfied customer for Relief Display.

If you would like information about vacuum forming, or would like to receive samples or indeed a specific quotation please do not hesitate to call us or simply send a brief e-mail.

Two attractions at Cologne

First of all, you will see our vacuum formed window sticker in the original diameter of a football, designed by the Cologne B+D advertising agency. This football can be found in Cologne's most popular shopping mall "Schildergasse" (see the picture) and of course everywhere else in Germany, too!

Secondly, 1.000 scrap warriors created by the artist H.A. Schult which are deployed in front of Cologne's famous cathedral. They previously have been displayed at some of the world's most important spots like the Chinese Wall, the Red Place at Moscow and the Egyptian Pyramids. From Cologne they will continue their journey to New York and -finally- to the Antarctic.

If you are interested in buying one of these 1.000 soldiers, contact their creator H.A. Schult. For about 6.000 € one of the scrap warriors will be yours.

If you have however questions about the art of vacuum forming, we are the right people for you and look forward to your call or your e-mail!



Beautifully 3-dimensional:

A heart created from roses in an art deco style frame – a symbol of our passion for the unusual and for unusually successful advertising!

Inclusiv of magnetic calendar!

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